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  3. prettylittlereign:

    favorite music videos → cruisin’ for a bruisin’ by pentatonix

  4. avisweetheart:

    kavi u feel me?

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  7. a-cicada:

    I couldn’t resist to this GIF

  8. singersavenue:

    Scott Hoying’s Vocal Profile

    Vocal Type: Baritone

    Vocal Range: G#1 - G#5 [ 4 Octaves ]

  9. pentafruit:

    Since U Been Gone / Forget You - The Sing-Off [x]

  10. fiercequeengrassi:

    I can’t believe I noticed today that Scott’s actually doing the Single Ladies choreo. He is my queen.

  12. Scott Hoying: Turn Up The Music [2/5]

  13. Angels We Have Heard On High: Kevin Olusola.

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  14. Scott Hoying: Turn Up The Music [4/5]

  15. Scott Hoying: Turn Up The Music [5/5]